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“Help for poor joint health!”

“Many of my patients have been helped by taking one or two capsules before meals. I recommend the product for yeast conditions, fungus or mold infections of the urinary tract or bowel. Members of my family and many patients have recovered from a variety of illnesses and are in excellent health now, thanks to Golden Health Probiotics®.”
Dr. James Ricks, MD, Internal Medicine/Arthritis, OK

"My patients felt a dramatic difference almost immediately.”

“I first started using and recommending Golden Health Probiotics® three years ago to my patients with intestinal disorders and yeast infections. To my amazement several patients in a row spontaneously reported they felt better as soon as they began taking it. I had told them it was new and I wasn’t sure how well it would work, but if they wanted to they could try it. No patient ever before had immediately commented to me about feeling better after using a probiotic. There is indeed something very unique about this product.”
Thomas L. Stone, MD, The Center for Bioenergetic Medicine

“Front Line Weapon Against Many Health Concerns!”

“We find that a component of the health problems of many patients is an abnormality in the bacterial flora. One of my patients was a 38-year-old woman with severe vaginal itching. She was already taking herbs, but when Golden Health Probiotics® was added, the results were almost immediate. She called the next day to say the itching was gone! She had previously started on an anti-candida product, but hadn’t noticed any improvement.”

“Golden Health Probiotics® also seems to help my patients with chronic fatigue. Among them are people with ‘leaky-gut syndrome’, where the small intestine has been damaged, allowing large molecules of incompletely digested food to seep into the bloodstream and cause immune system overactivation and allergic-like responses.”
Dr. Gary J. Kersey, DC, FL

“Fast and Significant Relief!”

“I am frequently amazed at the fast and significant relief that Golden Health Probiotics® generates for patients, ranging from infants to elderly. These are individuals with a wide variety of conditions, including chronic fatigue, joint problems, digestive problems and intestinal disorders.”

“My most dramatic case involved a toddler who suffered from weak immunity, weight loss, pneumonia, constipation, and a general malaise. In a matter of days on Golden Health Probiotics®, the baby started to regain health.”

“Everyone should be on this product because the kind of food we typically eat has rendered our digestive tracts into sewers!”
Maureen Kelly, RN, Director of the Holistic Health Center

“Highly recommended for patients with yeast infections, bladder problems, and digestive disorders!”

“If you were to examine the bacterial content of your bowels, you would find numerous strains of beneficial flora, not just acidophilus. If you take antibiotics, you zero out many of these beneficial flora. The problem with other bacterial replenishment products is that they are limited to only one or two strains of acidophilus. That’s not nearly enough to bring your digestive system back on track.

Golden Health Probiotics®, on the other hand, puts 15 strains back into the body. I am extremely pleased with this product; it really works for patients who have had antibiotic treatment, vaginal yeast or bladder infections, and digestive disorders that are hard to diagnose.”

Dr. William A. Nunn, N.D., UT

"Members of my family and many patients have recovered from a variety of illnesses and are in excellent health now with the help of Golden Health Probiotics®."

James Ricks, M.D., Internal Medicine/Arthritis, Oklahoma

"Golden Health Probiotics® has proven to be one of the most significant therapies a doctor can utilize... Thank you for the finest probiotic on the market."

Dr. James J. Lapinsky, D.C., Pennsylvania

Golden Health Probiotics® Case Studies of Improved Health...


“For the past ten years, I’ve been extremely ill with fibromyalgia, leaky gut syndrome, fatigue, candida, intestinal dysbiosis, and chronic food sensitivities. I had no energy. I constantly suffered stomach distress. My joints hurt – in fact, my entire body ached all over. My body was literally disintegrating before my eyes! “I lived a life of misery … and no doctor was able to help me. Then, I found out what my body really needed. This remarkable ‘cleansing’ discovery completely restored my health. I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it is to feel healthy again!”

J. Hubble, Salt Lake City, UT.

“…chronic diarrhea stopped almost immediately…”
“Last May, I was diagnosed with a bad urinary tract infection. My physician prescribed a strong antibiotic that finally freed me of the infection but left me with chronic diarrhea. My doctor told me the antibiotics had killed off all the “friendly” bacteria in my intestines. Needless to say, I was not looking forward to chronic diarrhea plus daily bouts of vomiting. Upon the urging of a friend I reluctantly tried Golden Health Probiotics®. To my surprise, the diarrhea and vomiting stopped almost immediately and I was able to go back to a normal life! I don’t know how I would be coping at this point. Golden Health Probiotics® has convinced me that traditional medicine is not always the answer!”

R. Nardiello

“I feel like a new person!”
I’ve been taking Golden Health Probiotics® for almost three months now. My symptoms were fatigue, stomach pain, anxiety, irritability, that out-of-it feeling, heart palpitations, horrible PMS, and often felt like I didn’t want to leave the house because I was so tired. The doctors put me through every test, heart monitors, stress tests, blood tests, everything! And I was in perfect health so their only advice was “you need an antidepressant”. So then I began researching natural remedies and discovered that Golden Health Probiotics by Golden Health Products was the most powerful probiotic supplement. My skin is clearer, I lost a little weight, my hair and nails are growing and my digestion is so much better. No more stomach aches and pains for no reason. The last 2 months I have had almost no signs of PMS, my husband thanks you also. I wake up in the morning ready for the day. I feel so great and centered and balanced. I will DEFINITELY continue using Golden Health Probiotics and will recommend it to everyone!"

L. Kush

“Yeast, gas, bloating, diarrhea, acid reflux and more all alleviated…”
“I have used Golden Health Probiotics® before and loved the quick results. Life can get rough without your product…it’s alleviated ALL my negative symptoms of yeast, gas, bloating, diarrhea, acid reflux, and more. Thank you for such a wonderful product!”

S. Thompson

Your results with Golden Health Probiotics® will vary. The Food & Drug Administration has not evaluated the statements in this website. This product is not meant to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you already suffer from an illness, please seek the help of a physician.

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1. Golden Health Probiotics® is the only probiotic product to provide you with 15 of the essential friendly microorganisms, the highest viable cell count - 49 billion viable cells per gram.

2. Golden Health Probiotics® boosts your body’s natural defense system to fight off illness and disease. It gives you an extra layer of defense for your overall health.

3. Golden Health Probiotics® flushes illness-causing toxins and poisons from your body, cleansing and purifying it naturally, without invasive medical treatments or flora-robbing antibiotics.

4. Golden Health Probiotics® removes the “bad stuff” from your colon and intestines while, at the same time, feeds and nourishes your body.

5. Golden Health Probiotics® actually helps trigger your body’s own self-healing and recovery powers. It will help you look and feel just plain healthier.

6. Golden Health Probiotics® ignites your body’s natural systems so they’re completely energized and in top condition. It revitalizes your energy and overall well-being.

7. PLUS, Golden Health Probiotics® is completely safe and 100% natural. It’s not a drug or a medicine, so its well-tolerated by most people.

When you add it all up, there’s simply no better way to flush your body of toxic invaders ... fight off a myriad of health conditions ... and boost health, energy, and vitality than Golden Health Probiotics®.

If you want to feel and act decades younger ... if you want to rebuild, renew, and revitalize your health ... if you want to restore boundless energy ... then I urge you to order Golden Health Probiotics® today. Plus, it’s completely guaranteed!


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Most companies offer a standard 30-day money-back guarantee. Some extend it to 60 days. We guarantee your satisfaction for a full six months. If, at anytime up to six months, you are not delighted for any reason, simply return the bottles and invoice, and receive a refund or credit on your entire six-month order!