If your immune system is asleep on the job...
It's time to wake it up. Revive with SeaVive®!

Are you suffering from...


The mere fact that we're getting older compromises our immune systems. Years and years of taking antibiotics, living with environmental toxins - stressful, demanding lives - weaken our ability to fight off disease. Little wonder that by the time we reach 60, our immune systems are working at only 20% of their capacity!

SeaVive® actually powers up our bodies' own natural defenses and makes them work as they did when we were younger.
And it performs this semi-miracle safely... naturally... without drugs... and without any adverse side effects.

SeaVive® provides essential immunoglobulins and other powerful immune factors to kill, block and inhibit the daily threat from viruses and harmful bacteria, particularly in the digestive tract and lungs. It also increases the number of circulating white blood cells and elevates antibody levels to help you fight infection more effectively.

SeaVive® is also the only nutritional supplement that offers a combination of colostrums, beta glucan and Seacure® .

Colostrum strengthens your immune system so that it will function properly and keep your body free from infection. It also contains "growth factors" which stimulate your body to repair itself as well as burn fat and build lean muscle.

SeaVive® includes a special bioactive polyglucoside from Beta glucan, a nutrient that boosts white blood cell circulation to strengthen your body's natural defenses. The beta glucan in SeaVive® is over 60% B-1,3-D glucan - the strongest and most bioactive available.

Since 60% of immune activity takes place at the intestinal lining, SeaVive® also contains Seacure®. This combination of intestinal and immune-supportive nutrients is an ideal way to support basic immune health. SEACURE'S bioactive peptides and amino acids also have a "potentiating effect" on your immune system - it helps to power SeaVive's other ingredients into action, so you can feel better, faster!

Revive with SeaVive®!

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"I have had an unusual occurrence regarding SeaVive®. Approximately 15 years ago I started to have symptoms involving my legs (and sometimes my arms as well)."

These symptoms included weakness (in the backs of my legs), vibrations, and some pain. Not all would occur at the same time. After many doctor visits and tests, I was no further along in learning the cause. I had learned to live with it over the years, realizing it was not life threatening or disabling in a major way.

Then I took SeaVive®! From the first pill I realized that the symptoms had subsided virtually 100%. Time has now gone by (1-2 months) and it still has subsided to that same high level. I can't thank you enough. The mystery has now turned into a memory! If you need any further clarification of my case feel free to contact me. As requested, I will keep you posted in the future.
Rich R.

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