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A healthy colon should contain at least 85% lactobacillus and 15% coliform bacteria. However, the typical colon bacteria is usually the reverse, which results in gas, bloating, candida albicans infections, constipation, and malabsorption of nutrients.

That's why it's so important to replenish your body's supply of "friendly" intestinal flora. And thanks to Golden Health Probiotics® .

Golden Health ProbioticsTMJust one capsule per day can help to:

  • Eliminate gas and bloating
  • End constipation

Contains 15 of the most powerful and effective "friendly flora" for your GI tract at a remarkable 22 billion viable cells per capsule/49 billion viable cells per gram.

Golden Health Probiotics® is the ONLY probiotic supplement that contains 15 of the most powerful and well-researched beneficial micro-organisms needed by the human at 22 billion viable cells per capsule/ 49 billion viable cells per gram.

No other product boasts such a broad spectrum of health-promoting cultures, including...

Golden Health Probiotics® actually helps rebuild the balance of "friendly" microorganisms in your gastrointestinal tract, detoxify and cleanse your body, and actually reverse the imbalances that contribute to a barrage of health- and energy-robbing illnesses. It's also easy to take, and easily absorbed into your bloodstream, speeding the health-boosting power of its 15 friendly flora where your body needs it most.

Finally, Golden Health Probiotics® is based on hard science. Golden Health Products investigated the health benefits of every flora we include in our proprietary formula. And we're convinced it's the most effective probiotic product available anywhere.

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"I have suffered for 3 years with very frequent bouts of diarrhea and now after just 2 weeks on Golden Health Probiotics® , I am back to NORMAL!"
F. Ferrier, Sacramento, CA

"I am frequently amazed at the fast and significant relief that Golden Health Probiotics® generates for patients, ranging from infants to elderly. Every human being should be on this product..." .... read more
Maureen Kelly, R.N.

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