Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • Q. What makes Golden Health Probiotics® more effective than other acidophilus products:

    Most acidophilus capsules on the market contain 2-1/2 billion viable cells per capsule and only one or two different cultures.

    Golden Health Probiotics®, on the other hand, contains 22 billion viable cells per capsule/49 billion viable cells per gram and contains 15 strains of the most powerful and well-researched beneficial microorganisms needed by the human body. No other product boasts such a broad spectrum of health-promoting cultures.

    Q. What are the ingredients in Golden Health Probiotics®?

    Golden Health Probiotics® contains:

    Q. What is the recommended dosage?

    Golden Health Probiotics® is taken once per day as follows:

    We believe that probiotic works best on an empty stomach and wait a minimum of 30 minutes before adding food.

    Q. Does Golden Health Probiotics® interfere with my other medications or supplements?

    If you are using the blood thinner Coumadin, ask your doctor first. Otherwise, Golden Health Probiotics® does not interfere with any other supplement or medicine.

    Q. When will I see the benefits of using Golden Health Probiotics®?

    Some customers see changes within a few days or weeks. Others who have suffered with stubborn conditions for years may take as long as three to six months. With any medication or supplement, three months is a fair try.

    Q. Does Golden Health Probiotics® need to be refrigerated? Is it shipped refrigerated?

    Yes, Golden Health Probiotics® should be refrigerate when received. You can even store it in your freezer. Golden Health Probiotics® is not shipped refrigerated; the short shipping time is not significant. I’m more concerned that the product not be left out on the kitchen table for a long period as most supplements are kept.

    We store Golden Health Probiotics® in our own freezers before shipping via Priority Mail. Orders placed by before 3:00pm Central Time will be shipped the same day and it’s delivered to you in two or three days. The post office delivers six days a week.

    Q. How can I vacation with Golden Health Probiotics® ?

    Take only what you will be using. Again, the goal is to avoid leaving Golden Health Probiotics® out of refrigeration for the long term.

    Q. I’ve been reading that too many bacteria together in a formula causes the bacteria to cancel each other out. Is that correct?

    No. In fact, the complexity of our formula and it’s relative strength to other probiotics on the market is what sets Golden Health Probiotics® apart. That’s why it works!

    Q. Is Golden Health Probiotics® wheat free? Dairy free?

    Golden Health Probiotics® is dairy, wheat, and animal free. It uses Vegetarian, pull-apart capsules.

    Q. Is Golden Health Probiotics® safe if I’m pregnant or nursing?

    Absolutely! You’re not only improving your health but passing it on to your baby.

    Q. Can infants and animals take Golden Health Probiotics® ?

    Certainly. Just cut back on the dosage. The recommended dosage on the label is for age 12 or older. It’s helped a lot of babies and pets.

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