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A Special Message from Mary Faith Hunt, President of Golden Health Products

Dear Reader,

For 25 years we have offered high quality customer service and premium natural products from our office in Quincy Illinois. We could not have been successful without customers like you! I sincerely thank you for your business and your confidence in our products.

Recently, I made the decision to retire and enjoy the next season of my life. As a result, I am liquidating our current inventory of Golden Health Probiotics. Once it’s gone...Golden Health Products will be closing its doors. So I urge you to stock up on Golden Health Probiotics® now, while it’s still available.

Order a 6-month supply of Golden Health Probiotics® and, we will send along a 60-count bottle -- a $30 value -- absolutely FREE. Please note that the free bottle will not show up in your cart, but it will be sent along to you with your shipment.

There is no order limit, and you can store the bottles in the freezer to maintain freshness over the coming months, with no loss of potency. Thank you again for being such a loyal customer! I will miss you all!

Here’s to Staying Naturally Healthy,
Mary Faith

I’m so glad you stopped by!

My name is Mary Faith Hunt, and I’m the President of Golden Health Products, Inc. Our mission is to provide you with the finest-quality, most effective supplements to keep you naturally healthy today and for years to come.

Every product we offer is…


Plus, we back up our products with a risk-free, 6-month guarantee. If, at anytime up to six months, you are not delighted for any reason, simply return the bottles and invoice, and receive a refund or credit on your entire six-month order (less shipping charges).

Be sure to bookmark our site, so you can easily find us the next time you’re looking for a nutritional health supplement from a company you can trust.

Golden Health Probiotics®

Gas? Bloating? Digestive problems that never end? Golden Health Probiotics® helps rebuild the balance of “friendly flora” (health-beneficial microorganisms) in your gastrointestinal tract. It’s the only probiotic supplement to contain 49 billion viable cells per gram and 15 strains of the most powerful beneficial microorganisms your body needs for total health. No other product can claim such a broad spectrum of health-boosting cultures!


Seacure® Protein Concentrate Seacure® Protein Concentrate is one of the richest sources of essential bioactive peptides, amino acids, essential minerals and omega-3 fatty acids.



Become a fortress against illness with SeaVive®! Fight infections and boost your immune system with SEAVIVE®! SEAVIVE® contains Seacure® as well as colostrum and Beta 1,3 glucan to help you fight off viruses, infections, and other harmful pathogens that drag down your health.

"Golden Health Probiotics® has proven to be one of the most significant therapies a doctor can utilize... Thank you for the finest probiotic on the market.".... read more
Dr. James J. Lapinsky, D.C., Pennsylvania

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Our Unique Guarantee

We also back up our product and service with a guarantee that Our Guaranteemay be unique in the mail order business.


Most companies offer a standard 30-day money-back guarantee. Some extend it to 60 days. We guarantee your satisfaction for a full six months. If, at anytime up to six months, you are not delighted for any reason, simply return the bottles and invoice, and receive a refund or credit on your entire six-month order!